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MegaChat.us is one of the most trusted and well-accepted free online chat rooms. We’ve created a user-friendly atmosphere in this chat community and all the chatters here are well mannered and loyal. The site was established back in 1999 as a free hosted chat site for everybody. It quickly turned out to be one of the most renowned chat community sites today. We succeeded in providing our customers with safe and secure environment and most of our customers are from Canada, the USA, United Kingdom and the Australia.

The other social networking sites that are poplar today include Facebook and Myspace. The difference between these giant sites and our site is that we are able to give our customers the opportunity to communicate directly and instantly with other customers from across the world.

There are no needs of registration and no charge upon using our site. It is absolutely free. There are more than 100 moderators ready to serve in order to carry out the system smooth and keep the chat room secure so that every one in the chat room feel comfortable.

Our site is already using the most updated Digi-chat software (v5) based on Java technology. The newest software from 123 Flash Chat is added to our video chat rooms. In other words, you are going to be using the most excellent chat software sets in the industry today. To take part in the chat rooms, you are required to have a java enabled browser, Flash for the Music and Video room. If you encountered connection problems, you are kindly requested to visit the Chat Room Technical FAQ's section of this site. If you are interested in finding out the most recent technology available, we are able to provide one video and audio chat for you to check out.

MegaChat.us is the perfect place where you have the chance to meet new people who could be your best friends, or somebody you can start an intimate relationship with. We provide 13 chat rooms with a specific demographic so as to meet the needs of each and every customer. In addition, we offer message forums with more than 165,000 members, an arcade, and photo gallery as well.

MegaChat.us provides other fields to our site such as a dating section, horoscope, avatar, search section, and games.

The MegaChat.us team’s No.1 priority is to provide safe and fun environment for all the users. We would deeply appreciate it if you can put our site to your "Favorites" and spend a great time with us. Once you are with us, you would want to invite your friends and make your chat experience even more exciting. We are looking forward to your arrival and starting an exciting journey with us.

Sincerely yours,
The MegaChat.us Team
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